9th Course on Cytoskeleton in 3D

Poster 2017 final9th Course on Cytoskeleton in 3D

Dear Colleagues

We are organizing a course for graduate students focused on Cytoskeleton in 3D systems at the Curie Institute, April 19-26th 2016.

The general objective of this 9th cytoskeleton course is to understand the role and organization of the cytoskeleton in 3D systems at different levels: molecular, cellular and in the living organism. The course will provide introduction to the cytoskeleton as well as to force generation and tissue mechanics. The course will cover general mechanisms of cytoskeleton functions in the organization and the maintenance of tissue shape and mechanics in different conditions, systems and organs: during development, on monolayers, in gut homeostasis, during the immunological response, in cancer and in the brain.

The course will be divided into two parts:

1st part (form Wednesday to Saturday): during the day we will have local speakers that will give 1h talks mixed of text book information and on-going research in their labs. In the evenings the students will present their work in 10-15 min in closed environment. On Saturday, there will be career development workshop.

2nd part (from Monday to Wednesday): international invited speakers will give 1-2h research seminar talks. In addition, there will be a number of short talks selected from abstracts. Other participants will present posters.

There is no registration fee and Institut Curie will provide food for all students. Travel expenses should be paid by the applicant’s laboratory. There will be substantial number of travel fellowships available that will cover accommodation expenses.

The second part of the course will be opened to all researchers, so if some of your postdocs would like to participate, please let them know.

More information and to register:

E-mail: c.cytoskeleton2017@curie.fr

Deadline for application is February 24th, 2017.

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