Programa EMBO Global Investigator Network: cierre de postulaciones 1 de junio 2019

About the EMBO Global Investigator Network
The Global Investigator Programme was launched in 2019 to forge a network that supports the next generation of scientific leaders that have started their laboratories in India, Singapore, Chile or Taiwan. The Programme provides the selected scientists with funding and platforms for networking with other life scientists in the same region and those in Europe, encouraging the establishment of cooperation across international borders.

What does it take to apply to join the EMBO Global Investigator Network?
Applicants must:
• Have been group leaders of a laboratory for at least one year and for less than six years on 1 January in the year of the application*
• Perform life science research in India, Singapore, Chile or Taiwan
• Have published at least one last author paper in an international peer-reviewed journal from work carried out in their laboratory
*Extended eligibility period for candidates with children or under exceptional circumstances may apply

What are the benefits for EMBO Global Investigators?
Funds are available for EMBO Global Investigators for:
• Visiting laboratories in Europe to give a scientific seminar or to plan or continue a collaboration
• Training in research leadership and management skills through EMBO Lab Leadership Courses
• Inviting other EMBO Global Investigators, EMBO Members or current EMBO Young Investigators to give a scientific lecture at their institute
• Organising joint group meetings with other laboratories
• Attending or organising regional or international scientific meetings
• Attending the biennial EMBO Global Investigator Network meeting with EMBO Members and EMBO Young Investigators
• A lab retreat
• Plus further benefits: mentorship by an EMBO Member, research integrity training and access to childcare support when attending conferences

View details and apply online: